Found Furnishings
Found Furnishings - my shop's website (in progress)
Found Facebook - my shop's Facebook page

Lucky to be in Love - Lynnie Diede, designer and illustrator
Mozsary - Christopher Mozsary, designer
The Infinite Pattern - blog of inspiration by Hillary Bird
Glaciers of Nice - art & music by Sarah Anderson & Luke Fishbeck
Sumi Ink Club - Sumi Ink Club by Sarah Anderson & Luke Fishbeck
The Lion Alliance - an alliance of lions
Michael Garten - photographer
Caity Kennedy - Caity Kennedy, artist & muralist
Ross Abel - designer
Jason Bartell - printmaker
Andrew Fladeboe - photographer
Tanya Brodsky - artist
Leah Wolff - artist
Nadav Benjamin - photographer
Shapes of Things - Aaron Flynn, artist & illustrator
C Davis Art - Cameron Davis, artist & illustrator
The Windup Bird - Joseph Grimm, musician
Elliott Lunson - painter & sculptor
Big Nazo - puppets & performance art based out of Providence, RI
Jennifer Johnson Art - portrait artist
Anna Turner - photographer
Emily Wren - photographer
Zoe Jet Ellis - photographer
Pete Watts - artist
Jeff Barnett Winsby - photographer
Jenni Leaver - painter & illustrator

Tiny Showcase - Tiny limited-edition art, based out of RI
AS220 - non-profit community art space in Providence, RI
Wooster Collective - art on the streets
Cinders Gallery - artist space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Kamiposi - gallery and venue in Midland, Texas

Couchsurfing - making the world smaller, one couch at a time
HelpX - a place to exchange work for accommodation
A Cottage in Clarkville - blog from one of our NZ hosts about lifestyle farming