28 July 2011

Treasured: Take Me Away

I created a new treasury on Etsy and I thought I should share it here!

You can see my older treasuries here.

27 July 2011

Ceramic typography by Stephanie DeArmond

Today I'm feeling inspired by the creations of Stephanie DeArmond, who uses traditional hand-building techniques to make typographic forms from clay.

21 July 2011

Adventures in West Texas


My first trip to Marfa was at the suggestion of my friend Sarah. She visited me in Texas and told me she couldn't leave without seeing the Chinati Foundation. Days after our trip, we got our cube tattoos, full of inspiration after immersing ourselves in the work of Donald Judd.

18 July 2011

On CouchSurfing

I spent some time this evening trying to find accommodations for our first few days in New Zealand.  I decided to see what CouchSurfing offered first, then check out hostels as a backup plan.  Before I get into the results, a bit of background on CouchSurfing is in order.

Sam & I once found a couch on the side of the road in Texas.

I have been CouchSurfing since I watched a movie about house swapping and wondered if there was something like it for people who don't own houses.  Months later, I was in Edinburgh, Scotland enjoying my first taste of CouchSurfing.  

17 July 2011

Sebastian "Sea Bass" Covington

Waking up

Some of my friends have been asking what we plan to do with our beautiful cat Sea Bass when we move overseas.  When we adopted him from the pound a year and a half ago, it was always with the intention to find a permanent home for him.  Thankfully, my grandparents are going to adopt him, so we can still have visitation rights.

Mine. The SWAT Team

12 July 2011


Welcome to the new blog!  Here I'll be sharing inspiration, photos and stories from our upcoming travels, new artwork and anything else I decide to throw into the mix.  Today I'm digging this print by Matt Forsythe, an illustrator and comic book artist living in Montreal.

Knitting is Life

Sam and I have been getting ready for our upcoming move to New Zealand.  For two people living in an apartment, we have amassed a surprising amount of stuff.  There's nothing like going on a year long travel adventure to help one reassess and minimize material possessions.  I look forward to it!