27 April 2012

Good Times in Nelson

We've been in Nelson for a month, and it's gone by so quickly! We've been living in a caravan at Tasman Bay Backpackers, where I've been painting and renovating the hostel in exchange for our accommodation while Sam works with Bill the joiner, our host in Nelson the last time we were here.

This is only the second hostel we've stayed in during our trip, and while it lacks some of the quality family time we're used to with homestays, we have been able to make so many nice friends from all over the world. Plus, as far as hostels go, this one is pretty homey with a fireplace, no TV, a big kitchen and chocolate pudding every night.

Centre of NZ
The "Centre of NZ" overlooking Nelson
Jam sesh
Sam and my homemade shortbread cookies

Mum's the Word

Mother's Day is coming up in 3 weeks, so I thought I would share some of my favorite card ideas while you still have time to send them. A handmade card is a great way to tell the mothers in your life you love and appreciate them. If you lack confidence in your card making skills, try one of these handmade-by-someone-else options from Etsy.

Classic Florals
Nothing is more classic than a floral mother's day card. These letterpress designs have an embossed presence that gives them a special weight.
Left: Cherry Blossoms by letterpress Right: Floral Banner by Honizukle 

15 April 2012

Zander Olsen's Tree Lines


Today I'm feeling inspired by these photos from Zander Olsen. The series of photographs of wrapped trees remind me of another photograph I liked by Joeri Bosma.

14 April 2012

Pancake Rocks to Nelson

Pancake rocks panorama

Our last leg of driving up the West Coast, from Greymouth to Westport, transported me to a landscape I've always associated with Central America. The blinding sun illuminated the misty humidity hanging in the air, and palm trees flanked the narrow, winding coastal road. Eventually we reached the much-anticipated pancake rocks of Punakaiki.

Pancake rocks

05 April 2012

A Tale of Two Passes

A hint of red
Mr. Kea gives a little flash of his red underwings.

Our route has been mostly coastal, but we decided to cut across the middle of the South Island and back again for a few reasons. First, we wanted to see Arthur's Pass, second, we thought it would be nice to visit our friends in Christchurch again, and third, we needed a jalapeƱo refill!

We had another kea encounter when we stopped to overlook a bridge. There he was, eating crackers someone had left, completely undisturbed by our presence. By the way he gobbled up the crackers greedily, he must have thought we were more of a threat to his snack than to his life.