24 January 2013

Animal Earrings by Faz Jewelry

Faz Jewelry 4
Grey and white striped cat earrings

These aren't for everyone, but I think they're so funny and cute I thought I should share. Faz Jewelry on Etsy makes jewelry by encasing photographs in resin.

Faz Jewelry 3
Sleeping cat earrings

Most of the earrings offered are cats, but there are also a few dogs and even a chinchilla! The artist has been working with resin for 3 years and has been creating these double-sided resin pieces for over a year, so she knows what she's doing.

Faz Jewelry 2
Brown Pomeranian earrings

These are the perfect gift for the cat lady animal lover in your life! See the entire collection in Faz Jewelry's Etsy shop.

Faz Jewelry 1
Cute grey & white cat earrings