14 August 2011

A word about walls

Bedroom shelves Side table

I have been packing a lot in the last few days, including my wall hangings: framed drawings, photographs and prints.  It's made me realize what a difference wall decor makes!  Without it, our apartment looks naked, less like a home and more like a dwelling without a personality.


If you want to give your home a bit more personality, try adding something to the walls!  Here are my tips for finding something to spice up your living space:

13 August 2011

Inspired: Jenny Odell's Satellite Collections

I'm a natural collector, so when I first saw these digital works from Jenny Odell, I thought, "why didn't I think of that!"  I love the way she takes bits and pieces from satellite images and pieces them together into beautiful collages. 

Nuclear cooling towers

06 August 2011

3 weeks to go!

Yesterday was my last day at Century Graphics, where I've been working for the past 3.5 years.  Even though I've known I would be leaving for over 8 months, it was quite a feeling to walk out of the building.

I couldn't have left on a busier weekend.  Today is the wedding of two good friends from high school, Teresa and Matt, and tomorrow is my 28th birthday!  I love these two crazy kids and I am so excited for their nuptials.

Teresa and me in high school, driving around in my Falcon, Shirley.