19 February 2013

Stud Love, Vol. 1

Stud Earrings
Black Quartz Stud Earrings, $16 from dinosaurtoes
Mini Simple Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, $8 from VirginiaWynne

Yesterday I wore my biggest earrings and suffered for it. Though I love my large, leaf-shaped earrings, they are very uncomfortable on a windy day. Sometimes you just need a good pair of studs to keep things short and simple.

Here are five of my favorite post earrings from Etsy. I think this will have to be a series of posts, because I have a lot of trouble narrowing down my favorites.

World Map Stud Earrings, $20 from bloomyjewelry on Etsy
World Map Stud Earrings, $20 from bloomyjewelry

Diamond Shaped Beaded Stud Earrings
Diamond Shaped Beaded Stud Earrings, $45 from saracramer

Minimalist Triangle Stud Earrings
Minimalist Triangle Stud Earrings, $12 from GoldandSilverLining

All photos are copyright their respective shops.