20 August 2012

Neil Dawson's Large Scale Sculptures

Horizons appears as a giant, Lichtenstein-esque falling sheet on a green hillside in New Zealand.
Photo: David Hartley, from Neil Dawson's website

Thanks to my friend Jane, I recently came across this photo of Neil Dawson's sculpture Horizons, but as it turns out I've been admiring his work in situ for quite a while.

19 August 2012

Lover's Eye Brooches

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As a teenager, I had a large section of one bedroom wall collaged with single, vignetted eyes, of all shapes and sizes, cut from various magazines. Some visitors to my abode found the display cool, others creepy, but I always liked the way it looked. Eyes can convey so much, and each one is as different as their owners. Therefore, when I saw these "lover's eye" brooches, I was smitten.

03 August 2012

Family Reunion


Our first week back has been all about family. We arrived home on the same day my brother Jordan arrived home from Germany, where he's been living for the last couple years. Needless to say, my parents were thrilled. Our journey involved 30 hours in 4 airports and 3 airplanes, a 6 hour road trip, and 2 sunrises, but with the time change we arrived on the same "day" we left. It was definitely the longest day of my life.