09 May 2012

Putting New Zealand on Standby

Movie night at Bill's

On our last night in Nelson, we joined Bill and a few others for a movie night at his house in the hills. Under the supermoon we watched an Australian film, Samson & Delilah, ate homemade mussel fritters and roast veggies courtesy of two of Bill's French helpers, and soaked up the warmth of a glowing bonfire. In fact, the movie has a few bonfires in it, so it had a nice effect.

Appel floppen
Hot puff pastry pockets of apples, cinnamon and sugar

We've had a great time in Nelson, meeting new people from all over the world, baking "appel floppen" with Toni, and soaking up the sunshine even as the days grew shorter and chillier. Still, we decided to take a month out to see Australia, hopefully in search of warmer water and cuddly native mammals.

We booked a ticket from Christchurch to Sydney, and drove down a day early to visit with Chris, Paula, Noah and the newly born Louisa. Our Jetstar flight was supposed to leave first thing on Monday morning, but when we arrived at the airport at 5am, we found out our flight had been cancelled. Instead of arriving in Sydney at 8:30am, we would be arriving at 8pm, via Auckland. At first we were very annoyed and sleepy, but in the end it all worked out, because we got to take a Qantas flight instead and they are much nicer than Jetstar. Also, Jetstar gave us two $100 vouchers, which we have decided to use to head north out of Sydney to the Sunshine Coast.

More about Australia soon! We have another early flight to catch.


Jeannie said...

WooHoo! Watch out Australia! Kristen and Sam have landed with camera in hand and a plans to cuddle with every animal they can find!

Yer Maw said...

I don't think you could describe Matt as a cuddly native mammal but I hope you have luck with the fishing and get some photties too! Ms Bird- Dawg :)