07 March 2013

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

A lovely group of family friends decided to throw a shower for our baby on the way. I wanted to give each of them something to say thank you, but I wasn't sure what to do at first. After scouring Pinterest and Google Images, I found lots of great ideas, but ultimately decided to go with something homemade to give it a personal touch without costing an arm and a leg (I had ten gifts to make, so I couldn't spend $20-$30 each, as much as I wanted to!)

Homemade jalapeƱo jelly seemed fitting for this group of Texan ladies. I designed the packaging myself and included a recipe card and a small spoon and knife for serving the jelly with cream cheese and crackers.

Hostess GiftsHostess Gifts

The jelly didn't come out as spicy as it usually does, so I have since made a new batch with the addition of habaƱeros, seeds included. I love it! I can't get enough of the hot and sweet combination.

The shower took place last Saturday, and it was great! I get pretty shy about these things, but I felt so honored that so many people came to celebrate the little baby who keeps kicking me awake at night. It was so sweet of everyone, and I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such supportive friends and family.

Baby Shower

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