13 August 2011

Inspired: Jenny Odell's Satellite Collections

I'm a natural collector, so when I first saw these digital works from Jenny Odell, I thought, "why didn't I think of that!"  I love the way she takes bits and pieces from satellite images and pieces them together into beautiful collages. 

Nuclear cooling towers

Sam said about this one, "How did she find all those planes on Google Maps?"

To me, this one looks like a rock and mineral collection, which is to say it's my favorite.

I've always loved the way things look from above.  I always try for a window seat on planes, and I'm often snapping photos from the sky.  When giant windmills look like toothpicks, and lakes look like puddles, it makes me feel like a giant.

flying into Midland
Midland, Texas from above

Wind turbines & fog
Fog creeping over a wind farm outside of San Francisco

Grid city
A very geometric city seen somewhere in Nevada.

I love the way man made structures look against the organic forms of the natural landscape, and I love how, from above, buildings look like little pieces of art arranged ever so carefully.  Jenny Odell's pieces take this idea one step further, actually arranging these similar items into her own little maps.

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