03 June 2012

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach area

From what we hear, Airlie Beach used to be a small, quiet place to sit on the beach beneath a coconut tree and take in the scenery. Now it's a strip mall, mainly an outpost for people heading to the Great Barrier Reef. We passed a few days here while we waited for the weather to improve before our reef cruise, and it was very beautiful on first sight, but without much to keep us interested.

Mango sorbet

I was pretty excited about finding this mango sorbet at the Airlie Beach market. Sam has the same juicer at home, so I know I'll be using it to make my own sorbet when we're back in Texas. It's only 1 ingredient: frozen mangoes. Yum!

Sam at Airlie Beach


Sam found a coconut on the ground, sawed it open with Matt's hacksaw, and shared it with me. I've said it before, but if I had to be stranded on a desert island, I would want it to be with Sam. He's the best!

Great tree
Awesome trees are everywhere in Australia

Birds in a row
Birdies in a row

Shute Harbour
Shute Harbour- this is where we camped for a couple nights

Thanks, Google, for helping me identify this bird as a darter.

To stave off our boredom, we decided to head to nearby Dingo Beach. With a name like that, we figured it had to be interesting! Stayed tuned to find out what iconic Aussie animals we met there...

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