02 June 2012

Sunshine Coast to Yeppoon


After spending a couple days in Sydney, we used our JetStar vouchers to head north to the Sunshine Coast Airport. Sam's friend Matt was nearby and heading north up the coast, so we went along for the ride.

Brush turkey in a shop
Brush turkey in a tourist shop
Bulldog drinking sea water
Bulldog drinking sea water
Australia road trip

Column rocks
My first sight of basalt column rocks!
Wind bent tree
Windswept tree in Emu Park

In Yeppoon, we met up with one of Sam's online acquaintances, Tony. We had lunch at his fish & chips restaurant in Kinka Beach and talked opals with Matt. Matt mines and sells opals, and he knows just about everything there is to know about the opal industry. I have always loved boulder opal, and seeing all these specimens in varying states was a treat. More than ever, I felt inspired to pursue my jewelry making dream!





Tony suggested a campsite north of Yeppoon near a potential fishing spot. We were a little worried when we saw the sign below so close to the campsite, but we never saw any crocs.


An interesting note about crocodiles: saltwater crocs are the largest of all living reptiles and can grow up to 6 meters long. That's over 3 Sams lined up! I can't imagine coming face to face with one of these critters in the wild, can you? If you really want to give yourself the willies, Google "saltwater crocodiles jumping."


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Jeannie said...

The opals are beautiful. The windswept tree is interesting. The refection was amazing. The salt water crocs...down-right scary! Be safe and keep up with the adventure, stories and photos!