08 July 2012

Nelson Lakes Day Trip

Nelson Lakes

We took a spontaneous day trip to the Nelson Lakes National Park with a few friends this week. The views were typical New Zealand stunners, and the sunshine made the chilly winter breeze very pleasant.

Duck on the crystal clear lake

Our shadows
The Fellowship of the Chocolate Pudding

We decided to walk the 45 minute loop track. The path through the woods started out fine, but got muddier as we climbed. Eventually we decided to turn back and walk along the lakefront. The woods walk was worth it for the snowball fight alone. Another of life's firsts: a snowball fight in July!

Snow hike

Nelson Lakes
We went with Mike from Canada, Dennis and Anna from Germany

Nelson Lakes

When the sun set over the lake, the mountains and water lit up like orange fire. What a beautiful way to end the excursion! It was nice to finally see this place after hearing so much about it from other hostel guests.

Sunset at Nelson Lakes

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Jeannie said...

Just in case this is your last NZ post, I sure am glad you included some more of that beautiful scenery Nelson Lake is soooo pretty!!!
See you soon!