08 July 2012

The Three Amigos (+ many more)


Sam has been playing a lot of music lately with Jeremias and Teppo, our fellow guests at Tasman Bay Backpackers. After serenading the hostel guests all week, the guys decided to try their hand at busking at the Nelson Market.

Teppo & Sam

Buskers & Michiko
Michiko, a nice Japanese lady who was staying at our hostel, stopped by to listen.

Teppo Jeremias


Jeremias is from Argentina, and Teppo is from Finland, and it's nice to think about how these guys came together from three continents to make beautiful music!

The captive audience

Later, they performed at the weekly jam session at Liquid Bar in Nelson. It was the first time we heard them plugged in, and the first time I realized Teppo is also a drummer! Nice work, guys.

Sam & Jeremias

Dennis & Felipe
German Dennis and Brazilian Felipe joined in with bongos and singing, respectively.

Sam on bass



We've been enjoying our time in Nelson at this cozy hostel, with board games and music around the fire, breakfast on the sunny porch, and quite a few shared dinners. One night, Jeremias and Charlotte treated everyone to empanadas. After everyone had eaten their fill, they surprised us with homemade banana cake to top it off. We've befriended people from every corner of the world on this trip. Does it get any better than this?

Empanada night

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