13 February 2012

Brotherly Love

Millers & Covingtons

Yesterday we said goodbye to the Millers, with whom we've been staying on and off for just over two months. This lovely family has taken us in, given us a lot of smiles, and inspired us to pursue cheese making, jam preserving, and beekeeping one of these days.

Harry asked me if the magic of being in New Zealand would fade after being here, but I told him I don't think so. Christchurch isn't too far different from a US city, with sprawling suburbs and landscapes one might see in America. I think our upcoming South Island road trip is going to be epic, and with mountains, penguins, and fiords, the magic will surely be continued, if not amplified.

Sam and Harry have been basking in the glow of their reunion. We both miss our families very much, so it's great having him here. For those of you who don't know these two, they can get pretty silly when they join forces.

See Saw

Ohoka Pepper Hot House

After checking out the Ohoka Farmers Market on Friday, we stopped by our favorite hothouse for a jalapeño refill. We stuffed a grocery bag while chatting with the man in charge, then I asked what we owed him. Last time we paid $5 for about half as many, so I expected at least a $10 charge. "Don't worry about it," he said, waving away the suggestion that we should owe him anything.

Can you believe how amazing this country is?

Free peppers
They taste even better when they're free!

Jalapeños are almost impossible to find in New Zealand; this is the first and only place we've seen them. On a side note, if you've found this blog while searching for jalapeños in New Zealand, go to 818 Tram Road in Ohoka. There is a farm stall out front, but the real action is in the back. Ask at the door if you can visit the hothouse, and get ready to be amazed.



We finally got around to visiting the Canterbury Museum, and boy was it worth the trip! It has everything from the historic to the scientific to the bizarrely kitsch, and if that isn't enough, they have a gold plated motorcycle. We parked at the adjacent Botanic Gardens and took the scenic route to the museum, stopping along the way to explore some of the gardens' attractions.

Cool seal
Hand drawn seal spotted in the Botanic Gardens
Shell house
Replica of Fred & Myrtle Flutey's Paua Shell House

Old timey windows

The glorious kaka, a native parrot from New Zealand.

See more of my museum photos here.

Smoky Quartz
Giant smoky quartz in the Canterbury Museum

In other news, a few of our couch requests have been granted, and we will head South later this week. Wish us luck gold panning! The huge replica nuggets in the museum, all found in NZ, have me crossing my fingers.

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