22 January 2012

New York Bagels in New Zealand

Bagel perfection

Earlier this week I posted about my first attempt at bagel making. Today I perfected the art! I used the dough and most methods described here, with a couple small differences.

First, I used a bread machine to make the dough. Perhaps it's lazy of me, but I used that time to prepare the toppings and do some dishes, so I don't feel bad.

I've got the bagel rolling method down pretty well now. The first time I had too much flour on my surface, and the ends didn't stick together as well.

The other modification I made to this recipe is to add 3 Tbsp sugar to the boiling water.

For a topping, I used minced garlic (3 cloves this time), flax seeds (linseeds), sesame seeds, salt (less this time!), poppy seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Bagel toppings

The dough recipe I used last time picked up the toppings better, but this time they didn't stick as well. I coated both sides this time to make up for the difference. An egg wash might have been better for getting them to stick, but I thought they tasted delicious anyway.

One of my favorite things about New York bagel shops is the assortment of cream cheeses. From jalapeño to strawberry, from lox to sun dried tomato, there's something for everyone. My favorite has always been vegetable, and I decided to recreate it. I threw in some finely diced carrot, green onions and jalapeño for a bit of kick.

Vege cream cheese

On the lunch menu for today: Still warm bagels fresh from the oven, with veggie cream cheese, Sam's famous egg patty, and fresh greens from the garden.

Bagel sandwich


Rosa said...

Oh my, that looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing and tastes amazing...I would know, I at 3 of them, fresh out of the oven!

Kristen did a fabulous job of them and it was a great pleasure having her and Sam stay...just a shame they didn't have time to stay longer!