23 January 2012

Inspired: Street Art by Remed


Today I'm feeling inspired by the French artist REMED. If you haven't seen his work before, check it out at his website or on his flickr photostream.


His use of color, typography, pattern & form makes every piece jump off the wall. Besides mural work & street art, he keeps busy with painting, drawing & sculpture.


making nest
Birds in Okinawa, Japan. Photo fromfぐoaxial's photostream on flickr.

From the press page of REMED's website:
“REMED is a spin-off alter-ego of the artist Guilo who initially gained fame with his Moroccan-influenced paintings of bearded men. That heavily-patterned style mixed with a yen to create art on any available surface led Guilo to create the REMED persona to distinguish his new characters and symbols from previous work. What sets him apart is the focus on his own evolution and a minimum of deep message. He’s doing his own thing, and it’s nice to come across that particular kind of passion in the graff world, the pure joy of creating regardless of outside influences”



© All photos from REMED's website or flickr photostream except where otherwise noted.

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