21 January 2012

A Ring For Every Occasion

I'm excited to announce that Sam's younger brother Harrison will be arriving in a few short weeks for a two month stay in New Zealand! Most people laugh and say, "I wish," when I command invite them to visit us, but Harry really knows how to deliver.

Sam has been preparing by stocking up on supplies for a gold panning tour of the South Island. He envisions us finding enough gold to make a second set of wedding bands to go behind our titanium rings. Ideas like this remind me how lucky I was to find him. (There's a "striking gold" pun in there, but I'm going to pretend I didn't see it.)

Even if this hopeful dream falls short, and we find only flakes, I know we will have fun. Still, I have found myself thinking about rings lately, and then I decided I should write a post about some of the amazing rings I've come across in the past few months. Most of them are out of my price range, but there's nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

The Standouts:
With gemstones and bold forms, these are the rings that shout "Look at me! My hands are covered in awesome!" I am pretty sure I would hurt myself on the spiky one, though.

Rutilated quartz rings by Babette con Dohnanyi

Clockwise from top left: 14K gold hexagon ring by Caitlin Mociun $295 ($185 silver), Turquoise triangle ring by Caitlin Mociun $1800, Amethyst point spiked ring by Christi Billups, 14K iolite ring by Ariel Gordon $725

Low Profile Bands
My mom had a ring like this when I was growing up. She like it because it didn't get in her way. I liked it because the tiny stones went all the way around.

Left: Custom band by Caitlin Mociun Right: 14K diamond band by Kate Szabone $895

Classic vs. Modern:
How could I possibly choose between them? There's something about a cluster ring that will always make me swoon. On the other hand, the matte silver finish and the way the uvarovite garnet looks like a tiny patch of grass makes this modern ring another favorite.

Left: Vintage Sapphire and diamond cluster ring from RubyGrays $5460 Right: Gretel ring by Marta Sanchez Oms

The Quiet Beauties:
With texture and shape, these two make an elegant statement. Both look like great everyday rings.

Left: 14K Nora ring by J. Lingau via Catbird $430 Right: Hexagon Ring with Champagne Diamond by Satomi Kawakita

The Bling:
I can't post about rings without mentioning one of my favorite etsy shops, GarnetGirl by Madelynn Cassin. I have a "rock fetish" ring from her shop and whenever I wear it I can't stop staring at the way the sky blue gem catches the light. I love the sparkle against the matte finish of the silver.

There are so many beautiful pieces in her shop that I'm constantly ogling, but here are three in particular that have caught my eye.

Left: 14K moissanite halo ring $2498, Matte 14K London blue topaz ring $495, 14K palladium morganite solitaire ring $1498